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My story

Welcome to my page, where I share love to the whole world through my art.

Art is more than a hobby for me. It is a lifestyle and I have no idea what I would do If I could no longer paint anymore.

Painting took me out of my chaos, gave me a purpose. Because of this, in part, I survived breast cancer and one thing has been obvious to me since then: life is precious and being able to live is a blessing. And I promised myself to share the joy and happiness in every piece I create.

I believe that art can greatly influence a life and I hope that my creations will allow someone to have other perspectives of life; that my art will give the strength to continue, give joy and most of all, bring the focus back to what really matters.

For more informations, contact-me at or via my social network accounts.

Welcome to my world and look forward to talking to each other soon!

Some of my work